Peppermint Oil Is No Candy Cane for Spiders

Peppermint Essential Oil“I use peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle to spray around my house, especially in the basement, to keep spiders away. Every couple of weeks is all that is needed.”

Tom Leib in the Mar 2, 2007 issue of Young Living Newsletter.

One comment on “Peppermint Oil Is No Candy Cane for Spiders
  1. Well I definitely need to go out and get me some more spray bottles! I also have a problem with ants and am looking forward to the Peppermint spray getting rid of them. I will have to get me a spray bottle for Purification oil too. We use the Purification to keep mosquitos from eating us alive during the Spring and Summer, and on the dogs instead of the toxic flea/tick stuff.

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